solar lighting cynergy - Solar lighting Cynergy Solar LED

Solar lighting Cynergy Solar LED


Solar lighting solution by Solar Cynergy charges during the day and turns on automatically at dusk. The units are solar powered led light bricks which can be used as solar led garden lights, led solar deck lights or even as traditional street lights; from residential pathways and driveways to city crosswalks, highways and intersections.

This outdoor solar lighting solution is eco-friendly since it runs entirely on solar energy, no battery or complicated wiring involved. A single day of weak sunlight is enough to provide lighting for several days. These solar led units come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They are durable and weather resilient and have an expected lifetime of 25 years.
A solid solar investment!

Solar Cynergy introduces high end architectural and landscape Solar LED lighting for homes, developments and cities. By the way, if you’re into solar power or eco-friendly green homes design you might also be interested in
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  1. Harte Designs Ltd

    I love having this piece on my garden. Eco-friendly yet affordable. Still, the posts are too brief for starters. May you please lengthen them a little from next time? Thank you.


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