Unique lamp shades by Stuart Haygarth


This unique lamp shade by British designer, Stuart Haygarth is called the Millennium Chandelier and it is made of 1000 exploded Party Poppers collected after the Millennium celebrations in London. Each Popper is suspended on a line from a platform above.

The Millennium Chandelier unique lamp shade sculptural shape sways and moves like an organic form when hit by a breeze of air. Although this original light is a ‘ one off ‘ piece due to the narrative it is recreated using new party poppers. The multi-coloured type is created from blue, green, red, yellow and white poppers. There is also a black edition created purely from black poppers.

The Millennium Chandelier poppers hang on monofilament line held by ‘split shot’ from a 86cm square MDF platform above. The light source is a warm tone 60w incandescent bulb.


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