Beverage coasters by Teroforma


Teroforma Felt Set beverage coasters includes one trivet and four coasters. Made of 100% wool fibers, these unique beverage coasters are naturally stain resistant and protect the surface they rest on, making them the perfect solution for every modern kitchen design; Keep it simple or go mixing it up, you just cant go wrong with these drink coasters reversible colors.

Why are these beverage coasters make a great kitchen gadget?
Teroforma Felt Set beverage coasters are designed so that they can also be used as napkin rings by simply twisting the cutout leaf stem and sliding the linen napkin through it.


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2 thoughts on “Beverage coasters by Teroforma

  1. admin

    Hi Tom,
    I loved the new Teroforma design. You can never go wrong with high-impact visuals and a minimalist design.

    Do you work in Teroforma?

  2. Tom

    Hey there. Thanks for the posting. Have you been back to see Teroforma since the official launch? Would love your feedback! Cheers!

    / t


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