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Double Dish: Two in One

With some innovative kitchen engineering, the Double Dish is actually a bowl made for separating your spent shells and pits from the olives and nuts you might be enjoying. In the center of the main bowl is a dish that serves as the main compartment for all the snacks you want to store. Then, the body of the bowl is another receptacle for your spent bits.

It’s a design that is perfect for the person like me who doesn’t want to sift through a bowl of pistachios and end up with one whole pistachio and 20 empty shells in your hand.

The Double Dish is also the kind of compartment / kitchen utility that doesn’t just add extra dishes. It saves space and saves you the hassle of rummaging among pits and olives. The Double Dish is available in a completely gray design or a white and lime green finish.




Photography courtesy of Joseph Joseph.

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