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I love entertaining, whether on holidays, birthdays or simply on the weekend, there’s nothing like passing time with family and friends. However, as a city dweller it’s sometimes a bit challenging as space is quite compact, which is why I prefer items that are designed with functionality and a small footprint in mind.

Today, I’m going to share two wonderful kitchen tools that will make my life (and yours) a lot easier. One is a cake divider, the other, a compact dish drainer – designed by industrial designer Guy Klipshtein from Klipy Studio.

For me there’s no such thing as a ‘get together’ without a delicious cake. However trying to divide it equally by the number of guests is no easy task at all as I’m squinting and measuring by eye while slicing another tasty piece. No worries! The cake divider is here to help, dividing any round cake into 6, 8, 10 or 14 equal pieces. On top of that it will surely be a great conversation starter.

Measures: 5 X 5 x 5 cm; available in Red or Green.



After everyone’s gone home the overflowing-with-dishes kitchen sink awaits. Now, chances are my dish rack will be full in no time, and as we all know the trick of spreading a kitchen towel on the counter for those extra plates is never a good idea… enters the compact dish drainer – folded and stored in the top drawer, minimal yet extremely handy – 5 minutes later and I’m all done.

Measures: 30x5x1.5 cm; available in Grey or Green.
Dishwasher safe; for plates under 35 cm in diameter.



Design: Klipy Studio
Photography courtesy of Klipy Studio


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