blossom popup card 2 - Instant blossom pop-up greeting card

Instant blossom pop-up greeting card


Korean designer, Lee Ki Seung designed this one-of-a-kind pop-up greeting card. It’s called the Instant blossom flower package letting people share their happy thoughts and inspiration from a flower blossom.

instant-blossom-popup-cardThe Instant blossom pop-up card transforms the flower’s 3D qualities into two-dimensional ones, giving new rules for the traditional flower vase. Just snap the greeting size card into half and give the hydroponic flowers a spray of water and voila! it’s spring time.



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4 thoughts on “Instant blossom pop-up greeting card

  1. admin

    As a matter of fact I located the designer and asked him about purchasing his beautiful work…alas, it is not for sale for the time being.

    In case it will go out on the market – be sure I will let you know.


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