kosta boda aria vase - Kosta Boda Aria Vase

Kosta Boda Aria Vase


The Aria Vase, by Swedish glass artist Göran Wärff, is a rich, fluid, unusually curved crystal vase. On the inside, the exquisite Aria vase is infused by a beautiful wave of color: black, amber/pink, green/yellow, or purple/teal. It’s almost-airy, leaning shape compliments the thick walls allowing for balance and stability.

Standing 11-1/4 inches, each vase is unique and hand-blown by master glassmakers at the Kosta Boda glassworks in Sweden. The Aria Vase is an ideal gift for the art collector; each glass piece arrives in a Kosta Boda box, signifying the highest artistry in both design and implementation.

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