unique lamps xel ha 1 - Unique lamps at Xel-Ha

Unique lamps at Xel-Ha


I found these beautiful lamp shades in the website of Japanese architect, Aoki Jun; these lamps are so unique they seem to alter our perception of the internal space at Tokyo-based Xel-Ha by afloat.

In order to obtain optimum diffusion of light while preventing direct glare, the ceiling is illuminated with luminous curls of white translucent plastic sheets lamp shades combined with fluorescent light bulbs – creating the effect of a hovering cloud endlessly swirling around itself while spreading in every direction.


…look at the magical effect it makes…


…as seen from the outside.




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One thought on “Unique lamps at Xel-Ha

  1. Reta

    These lights are absolutely wonderful!! I want to use them for my design project for school but I can’f find a spec sheet for them. 🙁 Maybe I will contact the designer.


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