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The Unbreakable {Rubber} Vase


Check out this rubber vase. Isn’t it lovely? We all know that vases have one destiny and one destiny only – break down and shutter into a million pieces. With a rubber vase all these worries and stressed moments are in the past. Not only we set our hands on something handy and useful – an unbreakable vase, we also gain a stylish looking vase, with a unique and colorful design.

The rubber material is flexible and you can change the shape of the vase to suit regular bouquets with high edge or rococo bouquets with edge folded down. This is a special product, specially designed for people who are looking to decorate their home with a unique modern touch.



What a great gift to bring to anyone you know that is in need for such a vase, whether a family with pets or a house full of children. In any case, this is a wonderful treat, which comes in a wide range of colors, for any type and any place.



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