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Tube Top Lamp: Modern Talking


One of my friends was facing something I’d like to call mission impossible – she was redesigning her teenage daughter’s room. As I was saying – mission impossible, or, if you’d like – a recipe for disaster. Well, the young lady has a mind of her own and to say it gently, didn’t quite approved of the artistic look & feel. After endless fights over color, patterns, designs and furniture, it all came down to the lightning. Nothing was right, everything my friend liked her daughter didn’t; the word ‘old’ was said so many times, it was almost meaningless….

So, we went on a hunt for the modern, cheerful, uniquely designed lamp that will combine happy colors with a stylish look. Luckily enough we found it. This was exactly what we were looking for and was strongly approved by the opinionated teenager – meet the Tube Top lamp.

The Tube Top lamp features vibrant, transparent acrylic and a luminous white mesh fabric shade held in tension for a crisp and clean accent. What I like about it is that it works just as well in a teenager’s room as it does in a modern living room. Mix and match them for the ultimate color statement. Choose from Bright Yellow, Ruby Red, Hot Pink, Dark Blue, Sky Blue and Bright Green. Uses one 60 watt bulb, included.


This was such a success, I thought to myself I ought to buy some more gifts to fill out my stockings – let’s face it, Christmas is just around the corner. As for my friend, she told me she loved the lamp so much she was thinking of buying one for her own bedroom… Who said old?



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