portable guidelight philips - Philips Portable GuideLight: Out Of Darkness

Philips Portable GuideLight: Out Of Darkness


The new generation of flashlights is here – Philips Portable Guide Light – a portable LED light with a bright yet soft light. It is battery operated and provides more than entire evening of use, it recharges easily using wireless induction charger, it automatically turns on when it senses motion and after 20 seconds without movement, the light will automatically turn off; it is safe to use as it remains cool to touch because of the LEDs. This is an ideal friend to have to scare away the dark.

The Philips docking station is a light stand and charger base in one. The GuideLight automatically charges while on the base. The light uses induction charging so there are no additional wires or connections to make. Simply place the light on the stand, and the automatic charging begins.


Whether it is used as an emergency light during power failure, since it lights up automatically when the power is cut off and stays lit, or if used for camping or traveling as a wireless light source for nighttime movement; for any use – it spreads a soft light, creating a peaceful ambiance all around with a romantic glow, heck – I’m discovering some more uses… It also has an elegant design, so you could feel free to use it in the kids’ room, whenever they are in need of light to scare away all the monsters…


In my life I discover time and again that the ‘Murphy Law’ is actually right. Whenever I’m in need of a flashlight during power failure – there is none. No matter how many times I try to remind myself I should buy batteries or have the emergency light charged and ready, I usually forget or simply put it off. Talking to most of my friends – they do it too… That’s why, for procrastinators like us, the GuidLight is the perfect portable solution for a permanent problem.


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