unique light bubbles5 - The d light Bubbles: Delightful In So Many Ways

The d light Bubbles: Delightful In So Many Ways


The dºlight light bubbles are so true to their name because they are delightful in so many ways. Whenever I re-decorate I always seem to have trouble deciding about the lighting fixtures. First I have to decide if I want overhead lighting or not, then if I want standing lamps, hanging lamps, table lamps, spot lamps….. in short so many decisions and this is before I’ve even tackled the subject of design and ambiance. This is why I love the concept of these light bubbles by designer Diana Lin.

Diana Lins’ set of lights are a cluster of 12 silicone bubbles that give a soft ambient light. I can hang them from a hook and let them cascade on my wall or string them like Christmas lights. I can nonchalantly throw them on the floor or bunch them up like a glowing flower arrangement on my table or even use them to decorate my bed.



I also like to play with the silicone balls. They are made of LED lights inside 4mm thick silicone so they stay cool to the touch. Because they are so squeezable I have a great time playing around with how they look leaving some balls rounded and some concave.

It’s also really fun to feel the pressure of the air inside the balls and to hear it come out when you squeeze them so sometimes I just find myself sitting around with these light fixtures in my lap squeezing them like stress balls while I try to solve the other design issues in my life. For me, the dºlight bubbles have definitely shed a new light on modern lighting concepts.



* All images courtesy of Diana Lin Design

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