huggable pillows dlight3 - d light Huggable: Enlightened Pillow Talk

d light Huggable: Enlightened Pillow Talk


The d-light huggable cushion is like my own personal square of sunshine. I really am not a winter person. Actually I like the clothes but everything else is a little depressing: the rain, the cold, the fact that it gets dark so early. As you can imagine, my idea of a perfect holiday is a sunny beach, preferably in July or August. Since moving to a Greek island is out of the question I have found the next best thing – I can create my own personal sunny weather with the d-light huggable cushion.

You can tell straight away that these cushions were inspired by soft rays of sunlight. The soft comforting glow of the light they shed, the warm texture of the cover and the softness and tactile quality of the cushion and the light balls inside it, all make you feel much more relaxed and lighthearted, or as my dear friends say “all warm and fuzzy” and very happy.


The d-light huggable is a furry cover filled with 12 LED lights set inside silicone bubbles. They glow brightly for up to 4 hours on rechargeable AA batteries and then they gradually dim. They also have a 5 volt AC/DC adapter.

You can choose from four beautiful colors: white, warm sunset gold, hot sun pink and snowy rose or if you’re like me, don’t choose, just get all four!



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