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VaseMaker: More Flower Power


My first thought was: do I really need another vase? Because the truth is that even though I have a few I never seem to have exactly the right sized one and then I have to make my flowers fit the vase instead of the other way around. This is especially true when I want to decorate my windowsill or the table with a single flower or just a few branches, then I find myself improvising to find a “vase” the right size.

I was once again going through the “does it look like a vase?” ritual when I realized how smart the VaseMaker really is.

In the award winning VaseMaker Ron Gilad has redesigned the classic vase. To be exact, he deconstructed the classic vase and divided it into its two main functions: to hold and display flowers and to contain the water for the flowers. By doing so he makes the user and his imagination part of the vase making process.



So now the fun begins – i get to make my own vase! The VaseMaker itself takes care of “holding the flowers” – it’s made out of white porcelain and shaped like a dainty vase mounted on a flat square. It has a hole running through it for inserting the flowers.

Now I can choose in what receptacle I would like to put the water: wine glass? empty water bottle? glass jar? that English tea cup with the gold roses? Anything goes, because once I sit the VaseMaker on it even the most ordinary vessel becomes a pretty, imaginative vase. And if to answer my question in the beginning – now that I have the VaseMaker, the” vase for a single flower” issue is no longer a problem!


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