kitchen trivet alessi tripod - Alessi Tripod Trivet: Jack Up The Heat

Alessi Tripod Trivet: Jack Up The Heat


These four shiny stars connected by an elegant chain is actually a trivet, intended to guard your table from hot dishes. Whenever I want to serve hot food in boiling saucepans or hot oven trays I just grab the chain of stars, which I keep hanging from a hook alongside my other kitchen utensils, and throw it on the table.

It’s fun to see how every time the stars fall in a different shape and I can easily adjust them to accommodate different sized pans. Once the stars are arranged to my liking they form the perfect base on which to place the dish. The stars are each 3.2 cm X 3.2 cm and are made of Chrome plated Zamac. The chain connecting them is 60cm long and they actually look like “table jewelry”.

When I first saw this Alessi trivet, I was straightaway transported back to my childhood and the game of “jacks”. True classics never die and “jacks” was one of those games that thrived during my childhood. We took our jacks very seriously with teams and levels, and the fun thing about it was that this game didn’t really require much: a small rubber ball, a level playing surface and the jacks themselves – small metal stars with 6 tips at right angles to one another, four of which were usually rounded, with the two opposite tips more pointed. In his design of the trivet, the young designer Gabriele Chiave has managed to catch the fun and spirit of the game.

The innovation and playfulness of the trivet, the contrast of the sleek design to the humble origin of the game, make this trivet a wonderful addition to any kitchen.



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