orange peel hangers 2 - Orange Peel Hangers : Giving It A “Second Chance”

Orange Peel Hangers : Giving It A “Second Chance”


With this “second chance” orange peel hanger your apartment will smell like a stroll through the orange groves of southern Italy. I was really impressed when I read about the “Second Chance” initiative by TourDeFork. Apart from the unspeakable fact that in the Western world, a large percent of the food we buy is simply thrown out uneaten, we also produce a lot of organic waste.

Traditionally in Italy and rural areas in other countries, people make creative use of all parts of the food they grow, not just the edible parts. Inspired by these customs, TourDeFork designed a collection of objects aimed to help us city folk reuse our kitchen waste, not just to make compost but actually giving it a ”Second Chance”.

The gadget I really like the most is the Orange Peel Hanger, or to be more accurate the “Citrus Peel Hanger”. During the winter my apartment gets a little bit stuffy and the air gets really dry because the heat is on most of the day.

By taking citrus peels and skewering them on the hanger, then hanging one on the radiator in every room I have managed to solve this problem. The heat from the radiator releases the zesty citrus oil, clearing the stuffiness and diffusing the room with the wonderful scent of orange blossoms. And actually the dried peels themselves get a second chance because the mandarin and orange I add to chocolate and jams, and from the lemon peels I make a wonderful face wash.




* More info at Tour de Fork

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