multi cup spoon 2 - Multi Cup & Spoon: Make Good Food Look Really Good

Multi Cup & Spoon: Make Good Food Look Really Good


The Multi Cup and Spoon is a series of cups in different sizes, designated to serve almost anything – tea, coffee, muesli, ice-cream or soup. Its elegant design, along with the special spot for your spoon, present a sophisticated way to serve your guests. Made of porcelain and accompanied with a stainless steel spoon, this set will brighten up your morning, launch and supper – anyway you like it.

Table setting and serving is a big part of good hosting. With the Multi Cup and Spoon you can be assured that everything looks at its best – your food and your table – a perfect presentation!

This is what design is all about – bringing out the best of every aspect in the house. All you have to do is use the right items, like the Multi Cup and Spoon, which will bring chic and style to your table, making everything look so good, including the food. Especially the food…



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