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Ornametrica: A Chandelier That Changes To Fit Your Mood


Ornametrica – the name of this chandelier says it all: it is both ornamental and geometric. Versatility is exactly the right word to describe this beautiful chandelier by Icelandic designers Aleksej Iskos and Adalsteinn Stefansson. Their choice of material, the clean ornamental look of the branches and the geometry behind it all work together to achieve this unique lighting fixture.

The first issue that is addressed is size: every chandelier is constructed of connecting branches, the diameter of a chandelier is determined by their size and the distance between them.

To create “Ornemetrica” the designers used a single module and connected it in such a way that it formed the shape of a flower with open petals. The geometric principle used to connect the petals enables them to contract and expand, and the diameter of the chandelier can change from as small as 84cm to 118cm.


The second issue is shape: when the diameter changes the aligning of the modules changes and this affects the shape of the petals. When the chandelier is fully opened they resemble intertwining branches and create the silhouette of an open circle. The more closed the chandelier, the more the modules form elliptic shapes and the silhouette resembles that of a flower. Subsequently, with every change in shape, the lighting and mood also change.


The third issue is material: the chandelier is made of anodized aluminum and comes in black or plain aluminum. This unusual choice of material actually works extremely well in any venue from hip design shops to the main building of the Danish Parliament. The idea behind this design and the way it’s implemented are very impressive. The designers have managed to create a chandelier that you can constantly change to fit your mood or venue and this is the ultimate in versatility.


* More info at Ornametrica

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