hanging lamp flex soft 3 - Droog Soft Lamp + Flexlamp: Form of Light

Droog Soft Lamp + Flexlamp: Form of Light


Imagine yourself a lamp that you can shape. To be clearer, imagine yourself a lamp that is made out of soft material that you can squeeze and twist as you please. Theses unique lamps do exist, they are the Soft Lamp and Flexlamp from Droog.

The material of the soft lampshade gives the impression that the cord is melting into the shade. When the light is turned on the seemingly opaque material radiates a warm glow. In addition, don’t be mistaken by the material’s appearance. It may look rigid, but in fact it is flexible enough to change form. This is your way to form your light.

Good design is about exploring new possibilities of what could be considered beyond reach. The idea and concept of designing a light fixture that could be squeezed and shaped according to one’s desire is both innovative and provocative as it brings in a whole new perception – leaving the final design to the user’s decision.


As far as lamp design is considered, this could be something we have all been waiting for. As light is a crucial part of any home decor, the ability to form and design it according to your needs is essential and extremely creative. These Soft and Flex lamps are the pioneers of this new concept in interior home design.




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