patio space inspiration - Outdoor space design: ideas and inspiration

Outdoor space design: ideas and inspiration


Outdoor spaces are always a must, whether you live in an urban apartment or a country home. A place to unwind and relax with a good book or entertain family and friends on special occasions and weekends.

A small and cozy patio or a spacious wooden deck, romantic or modern – the options are limitless. For example, this beautiful backyard, designed by Robert Hursthouse, offers three different types of entertaining areas depending on the weather – a gathering spot around the fire pit, a deck for sunny afternoons and an enclosed gazebo. If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration for your outdoor areas, keep on reading and feast your eyes on these marvelous designs.

Check out this charming patio space – I love the antique chest and all the small accessories, converting this small space into a romantic outdoor retreat.
{via The Inspired Room}


These cozy retreats feature calming water features that punctuates a deck perfect for entertaining friends or when seeking solitude. I love the combination of the rustic wood, the fabric of the pergola, and the sound of water close by.
{via HGTV}




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  1. Atlantis Rail

    I definitely agree that having an outdoor space is imperative. Especially these days, people need an area where they can escape even temporarily, and the good thing is that they need not go far. Be it a simple railed deck or a humble patio, comfort and relaxation are important.


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