shade sail coolaroo 2 - Coolaroo Shade Sail: Sun-Set

Coolaroo Shade Sail: Sun-Set


The sun is essential for our existence. Regardless, during summer time, we might get just a bit too much from the sun. The Coolaroo Shade Sail is the ultimate solution for any backyard-shade-need that may arise. It provides up to 90% UV block and reduces temperatures underneath up to 32%. The unique fabric resists mold and mildew and is easy to clean. Whether you use it for your deck, pool, patio, spa or your kids’ outdoor play-area, you are sure to enjoy a nice cool spot no matter how hot it gets. This is your sun-set.

One of the nicest features this unique item has is the ability to have it in the shape of your choice for the perfect fit. You can have it as a triangle or a square, in different sizes and a variety of colors – this is your choice to have the perfect shade all set and ready for you to enjoy. Maybe it is the unique fabric, maybe it’s the special shape, could be the different colors or even the cool breeze – there’s nothing as inviting as a nice cool spot in the summer heat.




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