mobile fireplace travelmate 22 50x50 - Travelmate Mobile Fireplace: Trail of Flames

Travelmate Mobile Fireplace: Trail of Flames


When we think about a fireplace few associations pop into mind: home, winter, cozy, ambiance, warmth and the list goes on. The Travelmate Mobile Fireplace, from Conmoto, will let you enjoy the coziness, the heat, the homey feeling and the special ambiance – all over the house.

Featuring the technology of a smokeless fire combined with a weather resistant powder coating, as well as a gorgeous fireplace design in the form of a suitcase, says it all – this fireplace is not tide up to anything and can be placed anywhere around the house! How cool is that.

A kicking flame inside the unit provides the vibe of a heart-warming fire. The glass pane, which is held on with magnets, is only removed in order to light the fire. Once the glass pane has been replaced, the fuel tank can be opened and closed, using the stainless steel slide at the front of the fireplace, thereby allowing the flames to be regulated from the outside.


It’s been said there’s no place like home, and what better item gives us the ultimate homey feeling than a fireplace? The best part of this mobile fireplace is that you’re able to have that homey feeling all over the house – when you’re in the kitchen cooking, in the living room reading a book, having a sweet hot chocolate on the porch or even folding your laundry.

Enjoying a place is enjoying the feeling you have while you’re there. There’s not much more we could ask for than a homey feeling, right? Come on, light it up and let it spread the joy.





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