instant screen door bugoff - Bug Off Instant Screen Door: In-sects Free

Bug Off Instant Screen Door: In-sects Free


Summer is always a good reason for celebration. It’s time to hangout outside, enjoy evenings on the porch and have outdoor parties and barbeques. There’s always a catch, though, during the summer time, and by that I refer to those pesky bugs and insects.

The Bug Off instant screen door is a great solution to the insects problem. This revolutionary walk-through, auto-close, hands free screen door allows you to enjoy year round insect protection. It keeps bugs out of your home without hassle, it could be installed without tools or damage to the door frame in about 5-minute; it adjusts to fit doors 78-Inch by 80-Inch in height. It can be transferred from door to door and taken to vacation homes and cabins. There’s no bother at all as your home will be in-sects free.

While throwing a summer party in my backyard, I’ve noticed my house was like a train station – people always going in and out, bringing food to the table, checking up on kids and whatnot – with all that hustle and bustle going around, my living room door has been left wide open, exposed to all kind of bugs and insects.

The thing I like about the Bug Off screen door is that it provides magnetic hands-free entry and exit for both people, pets, and kids, so it doesn’t matter who’s going in or out – you’re covered. In addition, you don’t need to worry about door size, as it comes with 10 standard sizes for single doors, French doors and sliding glass doors. No bother – you’re all set.



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