modern table lamp rook 31 - Rook Table Lamp: light with an attitude

Rook Table Lamp: light with an attitude


The Rook table lamp is one of the highlights of Blu Dot’s new collection of home furnishing. This unique lamp is a playful light fixture with a wide and chunky three-legged, solid walnut wood base with an off-white linen shade and a gray 80” cloth cord.

At first glance it looks very simple but the proportion of the stand and the play of the color contrast between the dark wood and the light shade give it a modern sleek look with a warm feel to it. The Rook has also a playful quality because you can place it on three legs with its shade pointed up, or balance it on a single edge with the shade cantilevered to the side.

Blu Dot’s co-founder and chief executive, John Christakos, called the Rook table lamp ”a happy accident”. The story goes that a chunk of wood — part of a base for a floor lamp — stood abandoned in a work room and someone else randomly discarded a lampshade on top of it. It became a lamp after someone else noticed it and thought it looked cute enough to make into a “real” lamp.


Blu Dot is a Minneapolis based design company that was founded in 1997 by John Christakos, Charles Lazor, and Maurice Blanks. The three college friends wanted to bring modern design and quality furnishing to everyone. Blu Dot designs furniture and home accessories that are known for their minimalist appearance and distinct flair. The Blu Dot Rook Lamp is an optimistic lamp that will shed a cheery light on any surrounding.


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