vase collection chive 2 - Chive Vase Collection: Single it Out

Chive Vase Collection: Single it Out


Decorating your home with fresh flowers can revive a room and add loads of character, color and the scent of springtime. Putting the flowers aside for a moment, the item that will complete this perfect picture is the vase. You only need to take one look at the Chive Vase Collection to know that a lot of thought was put into these vases as well as plenty of style, creativity and inspiration.

It doesn’t really matter which design you choose – all of them are delicate, stylish, elegant, sophisticated and can blend beautifully in any home design. You can say so much with a simple vase and can create a wonderful ambiance throughout your home. Whether it is made of ceramics or glass, colored or transparent – these vases will bring life and a touch of your own personal style.





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