floor lamp tab - Tab Lighting: T for Table, F for Floor

Tab Lighting: T for Table, F for Floor


This award winning lamp collection, designed by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby for Flos, is all about class and elegance combined in a unique lighting fixture. Wherever you decide to place it, whether on your work desk or in the corner of your living room, be assured that it will make a statement of fine craftsmanship and style.

This gorgeous lighting collection includes two versions: Tab T for table, and its companion Tab F for floor – both lamps are modern and slick.

Each lamp is supported by a narrow stem, connecting a round base to an open triangle shaped head. At first glance, its minimalist design seems as if the entire lamp is crafted from a single piece of glossy metal.


Both lamps provide direct lighting with an adjustable turning head made from die-cast aluminum; joints and base are painted with a porcelain internal reflector, and the power cord is equipped with a convenient On/Off switch.



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