watering can aquastar 2 - AquaStar watering can: stylishly easy indoor gardening

AquaStar watering can: stylishly easy indoor gardening


I do love me some household jobs and the more stylishly I can do them, the merrier I am!
What about indoor gardening and watering cans? Well, in that case, I’d like me a beautiful and functional one, pretty please! One that I wish to display rather than hide away while not in use; one that its dynamic design marries nicely with its soft and kind curves. One that he will most probably like to use too, increasing my chances of getting help watering plants around the house. Blink ; )

Like the one from Eva Solo, the Danish brand designing furnishing accessories. This pretty can, available in all classic white, charcoal grey and fresh green, gets all handy with its removable spout, so that it can comfortably be filled up under your tap.

The spout’s pointed form is the actual brilliance of its design! Even the tiniest pots can be accessed easily and watered comfortably with no little accidents happening whatsoever.

If you have small pots and plants at home, have you perhaps noticed how almost impossible it is to water them on the spot with a regular can without avoiding to make spills on the surfaces of your furniture? Yes? Indeed.

Recently I found a solution compensating for the pretty, but no so functional design of my current watering can: a weekly… marching of the whole succulent and plant population of my home, direction… bath tab! They comfortably get a little shower, dry up and then are taken back to their places.
Not such a big fuzz, but yes please, I’ ll gladly incorporate in our home’s dynamic and elegant household crew this pretty lady! For us, one in white please. Merci, and for you?



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