decorative bowl dropp 5 - Dropp! Bowl: Capturing moments in time

Dropp! Bowl: Capturing moments in time


There is something about capturing moments involving movement that somehow amazes me. The whole thing of capturing anything that can’t actually be captured is fascinating, not?

Concerning product design, a perfect example is the Dropp bowl, designed by German Niels Romer for Menu. Admittedly brilliantly and uniquely designed, it simulates a drop of paint falling and it guarantees to both make a statement with its existence, while successfully serving various needs.

Available in six different colors from minimal white, to modern black, to refreshing blue, to red, purple and lime green for the color lovers, it certainly covers a range for all tastes. I personally can’t get enough of the freshness the blue one carries and would so love to include it in our kitchen or even better on the dining table!

Being a confessed lover of neutral tones as much as natural materials, I’d love to drop inside my blue bowl a bunch of kiwis or walnuts, making a colorful pair that reminds of the earth and the blue of Mediterranean sea or Greek Aegean islands.


As for the white one, it could wonderfully hold my collection of strings, most of them in jute, therefore neutral tones and some in simple white and off white cotton. This combination would bring out lots of tranquility, while the energizing element thanks to the expressive design would still be kept.
What about you? Are you ready to capture a Dropp? Yes? Which one would you choose and for which purpose?




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