unique glass vase fiori - Mille Fiori vase: a thousand flowers

Mille Fiori vase: a thousand flowers


How do thousand of flowers sound to you? If we are living in the same global hemisphere, then Spring must have sprung your ways, too! Regardless though of spring seasonally speaking, having flowers inside our living environments is one of the easiest ways to energize the atmosphere, add color and of course delightful scents.

Now, how about having a vase which looks beautiful enough both when holding flowers and when it is empty? The Mille Fiori is a mouth blown, transparent, glass vase, in simple and modern design, with a unique feature: a little discrete explosion of tiny flowers in its bottom!

A vase that the classic instincts of my mother – whose collection of miniature mouth blown bottles is one of her favorites – and my need for contemporary design with clean and simple lines, that though meets this element of surprise along with it, can harmoniously marry.

Its name actually translates to a thousand flowers and it represents the technique with which it is made, originating from Murano Island in Venice, Italy. Unlike its Italian oriented name though, the brilliant designer behind it, is none else but Danish Andreas Engesvik. As we said before, the Danish do know how to do it better when design is concerned, right?


When deciding to bring this vase home, three colors for its transparent glass are available for us to choose from. I’d go for the clean transparent one, as it serves my need for minimal chromatically speaking environment. I’d let the flowers do the rest and when empty, its beautiful bottom would be the hint. Hello simple elegance, welcome to my home.


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