smoke detector chickdee - Chick-a-Dee smoke detector?:  tweeting with purpose

Chick-a-Dee smoke detector?: tweeting with purpose


If there is one undoubtedly functional item, whose appearance though has been up to recently anything but a pleasure to look at, are smoke detectors. Not since design and clever ideas have been combined into one adorable piece, by Dutch designer Louise van der Veld.

She participated and won the contest held by the Dutch Association of Insurers in 2006, with the purpose of designing fire prevention solutions. Her Chick-a-Dee smoke detector definitely deserves the honor of being a winner, as it by all means exceeds any expectations one might have from such a device!

How much more lovelier can functional design get? Chick-a -Dee is a smoke alarm in the shape of a bird, perched on a branch, which is serving as a mounting system. Adjustment on the ceiling is a piece of cake, as it operates on a 1.5 year life span battery. It may be placed wherever you wish, wherever it’s necessary. Can there be anything nicer to place in your kitchen or your children’s room while ensuring you are safe?

How much more perfect can it get? It can and it does actually. By its sound. Rather than beeping in annoying frequencies, this little darling will accommodate its alarming sound depending on the severity of the situation. From a chick-a-dee-dee at the smallest threat to a loud dee-dee-dee call in more serious circumstances, its alarm will reach 85 db as soon as smoke is detected.
Hoping that it’ll never be of use in our home, I can’t wait to order one! The all white or white and black combination will be just perfect. While the pink one will suit perfectly my baby niece’s new playroom. And you? Are you already chirping with happiness for this invention?


* More info at chick-a-dee

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