glass serving bowl evasolo 2 - Big smiley bowl: design smiles at function

Big smiley bowl: design smiles at function


A mouth blown bowl designed to be actually used rather than just admired on the pretty surface of your coffee table? Sounds improbable I hear you say, while you are waiting slightly impatiently to see what I’ve brought for you here today.

A big smiley in the form of a bowl, which is actually two bowls in one. For another time, Eva Solo’s brilliant design takes over and transforms what we so far knew as having a bowl to place all sorts of goodies inside.

Beautifully made out of mouth blown glass with a stainless steel base, each bowl is individual and no two are exactly alike, even if they have the same color, among the rich range they are offered in. From classic black and opal white to vibrant red, cheerful lime green and finally a transparent one made of clear glass.


To go back to its double characteristic, it is designed so that there is an outer bowl and and an inner bowl. From using the outer one to place the shells of your nuts, to using both bowls to display favorite little treasures, to simply having it clear until your keys find shelter there while you return home, this bowl excels in both being visually pleasing and functional at the same time. It’s generous 31cm diameter allows for things to be comfortably stored in it.

What’s your favorite? Have you perhaps guessed my choice of preference? The opal white of course, just perfect to be added to my collection of white, milky glass objects.


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