porcelain planters park 2 - Park planters: city park scenes at home?

Park planters: city park scenes at home?


There are a few simple things that make me happy. Like nature. And plants at home. And pretty pots to place them in to.Especially if they are made from white porcelain, have a wonderful shape and are an actual statement on their own.

Tristan Zimmermann’s park planters, other than hosting your favorite home plants and offering them plenty of room to grow roots and new leaves, they are also a chance to bring humor in your home environment.

The entire planters measuring 16,5 x 16,5 x 16,5 cm, they feature six different scenes which typically take place in city parks. Yes, you heard right. These planters are nothing sort of unusual, still in a very discrete way.


The tiny, beautifully crafted porcelain figurines are attached on the lid of the planters which comes in two parts. The lids sit on the planter itself, which also comes with its own plate. A full set, carefully thought off.
The scenes range form innocent ones like the “Bird Feeder” and the “Lost salesman” to other ones that take place most likely when night falls. A “Flasher”, a “Gay couple” and a “Mugger” are characteristic off what often takes place in city parks when most city inhabitants are sleeping.

Despite individual tastes, I would very much like to own all the range of six of them, giving me the chance to bring more plants home, while there will certainly be a discussion raising subject built all around them.
Now, which scene do you think might take place in your local city park tonight?


* More info at science and sons

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