unique lamps pablo solis 3 - Pablo Solis Freestanding lamps: a play of light and shadows

Pablo Solis Freestanding lamps: a play of light and shadows


Light is such an important element in interior spaces, not only practically speaking but also as a mood creator. When the pretty and bright natural light that hopefully our interior spaces are bathed into fades away and the time comes for artificial light to shine, it is particularly atmosphere inducing to have a play between light and shadows.

This play between light and shadows is the exact characteristic that makes Pablo Solis lamps, designed by Carmine Deganello, stand out and draw our attention.

Available in two sizes, both featuring a 13″ base diameter, with two different heights, 24″ and 48″, these simple and elegant suspension lamps can be hang either from the ceiling or from the wall. Still, looking at the pictures makes me loving them as floor lamps just as much!


The just mentioned charming interaction between light and shadow resembles the sun’s rays and it is achieved thanks to the laser cut streams of soft, light and fire retardant polyester fabric, which is tensed between the two polished nickel chrome steel rings.

They come in a range of muted or achromatic colors mostly, such as white, black, silver and brown. These free standing lamps have a suspended shade over a portable tri-pod base and an extra long and super pretty cord, covered in white or brown fabric.

It’s the details that make a product and to add a few more, the cord comes with a carrying handle, there is a clear full range dimmer included and last but not least at all, it ships flat packed for material conservation. Fabulous!




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