wine rack winehive 50x50 - WineHive Storage Rack: Honey bee-inspired, but grape-filled!

WineHive Storage Rack: Honey bee-inspired, but grape-filled!


The WineHive rack is a light, strong and extendable bottle storage system built up from crisply interlocking aluminum units. Pieces slide together to link up any number of layers and columns to store your collection of vintages or plonk, and can also be built to custom design with added effects.

The microdesign company has begun from the biomimetic inspiration of designer John Paulick, funded by crowdsourcing via Kickstarter. The organic growth of the business is mimicked in the organic appearance and scalability of the modular WineHive.


Aside from this feelgood beginning, the product itself has many beautiful aspects. The sharp lines and hexagonal fractal repeats bring a nice engineering to an item that is so often shabby and forgotten. Plus the product is fully recyclable, has a low material usage design (so saves on raw material), and distributes weight more sturdily thanks to the multiple stress links.

The WineHive can be slotted into a vacant space such as an alcove or under-table niche, but can also sex-up a kitchen counter (much nicer than a wandering family of bottles). There is also, thanks to the stunning lightness of the design, a huge temptation to take it bigger, and build whole walls or light installations from the WineHive. Of the two finishing choices, we prefer the black, as it nicely complements the green glass of a standard tipple.


Dimensions; 3 Bottle – 19.8cm W x 12.2cm H x 17.8cm D, ranging to 27 bottle – 46.5cm W x 43.9cm H x 17.8cm D

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