spiral wine cellars 4 50x50 - Spiral Wine Cellars: Wine, architecture and nature's perfect shapes

Spiral Wine Cellars: Wine, architecture and nature’s perfect shapes


I’ve always been attracted to spirals. These natural shapes are associated with beautiful notions such as balance, progress, expansion and development. It’s a very calming symbol if I might say. One with a firm beginning but then an infinite end, allowing space for all the amazing outcomes which may appear. Spiral symbolism is not the subject matter here today though. But spiral wine cellars are. And what better way to store your favorite wine collection than in your own secret cellar? And even better, it can become the center of attraction when for example instead of a solid door, it is accessed through a round thick glass door embedded in the floor. Simply stunning!

What is one after all? A spiral wine cellar is a watertight cylindrical concrete system sunk into the earth through the ground floor of a house from the convenience of the kitchen to the garage or garden room.

It’s available in various size options, such as a 2. 1m and a 2.2 m internal diameter and a depth of between 1,35 m and 3 m allowing for the storage of up to 1,870 bottles beginning from as much as 650. Clearly this is the ideal option for the hobbyist or the avid collector being customized for any individual home.



Spiral cellars are designed by the respective UK based company, an established expert in the field for more than 30 years. They store the wine at optimum humidity, temperature and darkness and they work by using the earth’s natural attributes and a clever ventilation system.

Sitting within a waterproof system so that it remains watertight and being positioned in the ground means the cellar remains at ideal temperatures. Through the assistance of the simple passive-style ventilation system and concrete construction it also sustains suitable humidity levels. Ideal temperature plus ideal humidity for your wine cellar also means the ability to keep more wine for longer, something any good collector would be interested in.

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