designer glassware 321 50x50 - 3.2.1. Glassware: flowing

3.2.1. Glassware: flowing


The 3.2.1. Glassware and tumbler set is either a functional arrangement of carafes and decanters or something like a piece of jewelry. It is difficult to tell at first because of how rare the design is and how stunning. Manufactured from blown glass and etched crystal, 3.2.1. is sure to make you feel like a very important person. Flowing from a triangle to circle shape from the bottom to the top of the bottle, 3.2.1.’s physical design reflects the constant movement of whichever drink you choose to fill it with.

The cap to the decanters doubles as a wildly restrained but fantastically designed tumbler. It is made of etched Czech crystal and will cause you to undoubtedly stare. Concentric circles etched by hand around the tumbler’s circumference give an extra layer of texture to the liquid.

For a stunning celebration or a private moment, 3.2.1. Glassware is perfect for the occasion.

Designers: Jeff Miller for Kontextur.
Manufacturer: BOMMA CR.

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