beer foamer glass 800x800 - Beer Foamer & Glass Set

Beer Foamer & Glass Set

Here is a great gadget for your home bar- a beer foamer that lets you serve beer as if it was on tap! The Beer Foamer & Glass Set is easy to use and within seconds you can have dense beer foam that adds to the aroma and flavor of your favorite beer.

Designed by Norm Architects, the Beer Foamer has a sleek and modern design that is bound to look great on any bar counter. Inspired by the large copper boilers from old breweries, the top section is made from copper-plated plastic and the glass beneath is transparent so that you can see the foam form.



In order to create the perfect beer foam you need to pour ¼” – ½” of beer into the container (and the rest into your beer glass). You then place the copper top above the container and press the button. A small electric whisk will whip the beer to the perfect foam in seconds. All you need to do then is pour the foam on top of your existing beer and enjoy a blissful glass of brew…

The Beer Foamer & Glass Set is made from copper-plated plastic and stainless steel, and has a battery driven motor. Its dimensions are 3″ x 6.9″ and it uses 2 x AA batteries. The Foamer comes with 5 matching drinking glasses.


Design: Menu
Photography courtesy of Menu

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