wine decanter twist 800x800 - Twist Decanter: Watching Wine Pour

Twist Decanter: Watching Wine Pour

Wait until the guests are here before you pour a new bottle of wine into the Twist Decanter. Or, you could always entertain yourself, too. The glass decanter is like a frozen tornado. It is designed with a deep pinch between the base and the top that twist the glass into a spiral. I would imagine that when the wine pours into the decanter, it begins to swirl like a fantasy dream sequence in film.

Decanting wine is important for aerating it and enlivening the flavor. And the effect of decanting the wine through the Twist Decanter will certainly mature the flavor of the wine as well as give you a fun visual experience. The wine will fall like maroon drops of rain.

The decanter is stabilized by a sharp, silver base and it is available by itself or in a set of two.


Photography courtesy of UncommonGoods.

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