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Herriott Grace Homewares: Precious littles


The ever-changing but select collection of handmade homewares, from cake flags to hand turned chopping boards, is one set that we cannot forget. If the heart meltingly tactile and beautiful products themselves weren’t enough, the father daughter story behind it is bound to charm. When his daughter moved 3400km away from home across the country, Lance Herriot began sending parcels as tokens of his love. Often included were hand carved spoons made from the favorites from his lifetime wood collection. All it took was Nikole to propose sharing the lovely pieces in a store, and the Herriot Grace brand was born.

The pieces are all-natural, and the collection keeps solely to wood, porcelain, tin and beeswax. The wooden pieces are made from salvaged wood timber, so sustainable decorators need not fret. Though the core is the delightful wooden spoons and bowls (of which one can just never have enough, no?), you can also find treats such as sweet birthday candles in beeswax, and cloud shaped cookie cutters made in collaboration with the local tinsmith.





Even if your ‘hood lacks a tinsmith, you could buy a piece by Herriot Grace and sample the good life. Our particular appreciation is for their touchable serving spoons and teaspoons, plus the beautifully grained rolling pins. The only catch is that the pieces are limited editions, so if you miss them, they’re gone (though slyly subscribing to the mail list will keep you in the loop for collection renewals).

Whether or not you put them to use regularly, the pieces will smarten any kitchen or dining table setting, or would also look hot displayed ensemble anywhere.







Designers: Lance and Nikole Herriott
Photography: Nikole Herriott

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