suspension lights nimba 50x50 - Nimba Suspension Light: Mystery suspended above your table

Nimba Suspension Light: Mystery suspended above your table


Watch out for it could be aliens hanging no further than above your dining table… or library table, or anywhere for that matter! The Nimba suspension light possibly enforces correlations with what we have been taught to associate UFO’s with: circular light objects suspending in the air. According to the designer, Antoni Arola, Nimba owes its name to being “like the nimbus or aureole of holy images, which may be seen, but are not there”. And I couldn’t agree more, as the association with the unidentified flying object came second to that one of saints. It’s a comforting thought, that of having saints looking after us quietly as we dine, read or simply get together with family and friends.

The suspended circular metal profile paired with the audacity of a white inner shade appears quite subtle, discrete and appropriate for indoor lighting thanks to its extensive, non aggressive luminous radiation. Originally designed in 1997, the 90 and 120 cm diameters of its stainless steel structure are now also available in 90 and 180 cm as well. These new versions count two years in production and only go together with LED lighting, unlike the previous versions.


Beginning from the smallest version, these suspension lights weigh respectively 7, 9, 12 and 16 kg. They all come with their LED light included, which again starting from the smallest to the biggest version, they offer a light of 45, 65, 95 and 140 Watt intensity.

The lampshade is made from white polymer, while a black, metallic, circular rosette for the ceiling is included with every package of Nimba, as much as the adjustable light source itself. Provided there are ceilings high enough, these series of suspension lights is atmospheric while functional, reaching the levels of modern classicism.


Designers: Antoni Arola for Santa & Cole

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