decorative mirror gridy2 50x50 - Gridy me mirror: traditional mirrors in unconventional uses

Gridy me mirror: traditional mirrors in unconventional uses


Here is a very interesting approach to a daily use object since centuries, the mirror. The mirror, also known as that object with which one spends some of his / her most personal moments, making sure everything is in best condition on their face. I have the impression though, that the designers behind “Me me me” mirror were aiming at giving this traditional object a wider use. Why not use it as a decorative object around your home, making sure it reflects but the prettiest views, while bringing in a little more light? Its simple and elegant appearance allows it after all.

A rectangle mirror with rounded edges, which can be placed either horizontally or vertically with a simple sliding move into the groove of the smoked color, solid oak, wooden base.


“Me me me” mirror measures 25 by 32 cm { height and or width depending on the placement } and is designed by the creative design duo Gridy, based in Oslo, Norway, specialized in furniture, product and spatial design. According to their own words, they strive to create simple, functional solutions with a strong personality that communicates with the user through recognition of symbols and everyday objects. It is the every day life they draw inspiration from and they try to combine a rational approach with a dash of humor.

I’m not sure whether I can spot the humor dash in this mirror – can you? by all means share your thoughts! – but its beautiful lines and everyday functionality certainly reaches me. No wonder it got the third place in Muuto talent award in 2013! Well done Gridy duo!


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