pendant lamp oiseau81 800x600 - Lampe Oiseau: Light in a Nest

Lampe Oiseau: Light in a Nest

Like a brand new bird cracking its shell or flying off from its nest, Lampe Oiseau is a brilliant pendant design that seems to symbolizes the pull of home and the appeal of leaving. The outer surface of the pendant is completely smooth like the calcified exterior of a shell or freshly-fired pottery. Inside is wood resembling the leaves, twigs, and sticks that birds collect to form the skeleton of their nests.

Before everything is the bird that sits on a rim around the pendant, seeming to call out a song or about to swoop to collect something for its bright young chicks in the safety of the nest.


Lampe Oiseau is a marvel of minimalist design that is perfect for the nature lover. It comes in exterior and interior combinations of white/white, white/gold, black/white, or black/gold.

With the Lampe Oiseau suspended above, you will feel for a moment like you are a bird flying back to its nest.



Dimensions: 28 x 28 cm.

Designers: Olivier Chabaud and Jean-François Bellemère

Photography courtesy of Compagnie.

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