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Marie-Louise Lamp

Designers are elevating plastic design to a whole new level. The Marie-Louise Lamp, created by Dutch designer Sander Mulder, truly exemplifies this ingenuity. The designer chose to re-define the traditional ambient lamp. To this end, the Marie-Louise Lamp has a shape of a traditional lamp, and then it takes a dramatic shift. The lamp is composed of 16 transparent contours made from acrylic and polycarbonate. At the center of the piece is a fluorescent bulb (the color of which can be changed) which emanates a glow that lights up the entire piece.

A wonderful feature of the Marie-Louise Lamp is that the entire body of the lamp is illuminated, not only the hood section, and in a darkened space, the effect is quite dramatic.

There are two models of the Marie-Louise Lamp. One with a plain clean surface and another with an engraved surface. The engraved surface has a delicate floral design which is also reminiscent of traditional lamps.

The dimensions of the Marie-Louise Lamp are 61 x 42 x 14 cm and it weighs 6.2 Kg. It comes with a 14 watt T5 non-dimmable bulb but you can request to order a dimmable one. The bulb filter can be ordered in Amber, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple or Pink.



Design: Sander Mulder
Photography: Sander Mulder

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