Magazine Rack Console Table: Store & Display


We’ve all been in this familiar scenario – magazines pile up, we’re trying to place them in some sort of order, but end up with more mess to begin with. I guess we’re not so different from one another, as we’re all trying to rearrange and organize stuff in our lives in order to make them better – whether it’s tough decisions or simple stuff like piles of magazines and books we swore we’ll read as soon as we have some free time on our hands.

Check out this wooden magazine rack console table – In my opinion it’s the perfect storage solution for rearranging your stuff in a decorative style. Continue reading

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Quaid Wall Shelf with Mirror: Pause To Reflect


This stylish item features a contemporary design with a touch of sophistication, elegance and class. It’s a wooden wall shelf with a minimalist, geometric design and a 12” x 12” mirror. Apart from its lovely design, available in Java or Black, it’s also quite functional, as it can be used to display small books, candles, a flower vase, and other decorative items. Continue reading

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Lese+Lebe: A 3 in 1 Book Shelf


The other day I was telling you about Liesmichl Kant – two great pieces of furniture for storing books. However, if you’re looking for more storage space, check out Lese+Lebe – a 3 in 1 book shelf. This stylish solution is a portable compartment that invites you to sit down, relax and have a cup of tea while browsing your favorite book. Continue reading

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Liesmichl & Kant: Books Storage


I confess, I am a bookworm. I love books and whenever I pass along a book store I simply can’t resist getting just one more book for my never ending collection. ‘The more the merrier’ I tell myself, however as books are starting to pile in every corner of my house, the lookout for good book storage solutions is inevitable. And if you’re looking for a functional item with a touch of style, like me, it becomes a not-so-easy task. Continue reading

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Wine Gifts: Floating Shelf


This unique floating shelf is a very attractive addition to any bar, cocktail cabinet or drinks table. Sturdily made from wood composite and finished with Java, black paint, it accommodates six wine glasses and the top doubles as a shelf that can be used to store bottles or other items up to a maximum load of 15lb. Continue reading

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Small Spaces: Think Inside the Box


I saw this Matrix Cube Collection storage unit and thought how many combinations I could make from these modular cubes. I pictured them arranged as a room divider or a unit to house my stereo and TV. By adding internal shelves it is possible to store books and CD’s and to display ornaments.

Using the criss-cross shelves the cube is perfect for storing wine and holds up to 12 bottles. Each cube is 18’ x 18” x 15’ deep and there are trays for storing accessories such as newspapers, magazines, books and so much more. Continue reading

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Paper Pot Dispenser


Paper Pot is a refreshing concept for storing tissue paper. This award-winning dispenser is both decorative and functional, designed to be used for both toilet paper and tissue paper – a sleek and stylish container that will add a sophisticated touch to your home or office decor. Continue reading

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Cutter Mudroom Set: No Room for Mud


I take little convincing about the quality and design of Danish furniture. The wood and the clean cut lines are totally to my taste and always seem to fit in with the décor of the room I am furnishing.

When I found this perfect set of units for the entrance to my house, I fell in love with them on sight. These units make it easy to just come in and hang up your coat and sit down and take off your shoes so as not to dirty the floors or clutter the house with discarded clothing. For all that, the area does not look like a cloak room or dumping ground. Continue reading

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Hookeychain: Where Are My Keys?


Yes I know, we’ve all been there, searching feverishly for those darn keys. And i don’t know if you’ve noticed but it always happens when you’re in a rush, in the morning or trying to catch the last train at the end of the day. Seeing a person who lost their keys is not a pretty sight; frantically flipping notes, ransacking a bag, or even crawling on the floor. Continue reading

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The Attack of the Thumbtacks


How many of you prick your fingers while carelessly dealing with pins? I know i do. I keep a pile of thumbtacks scattered around in a closed box and every time… Ooouch! It’s as if they’re waiting for you to reach in and when they feel fumbling fingers, like small piranhas they attack. Now i know why they’re called drawing-pins, for drawing blood of course. *wink* Continue reading

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