Eva Solo Waste Bin: No Trash Talk


Every now and again it seems like it couldn’t possibly get much easier. Well, here’s a newsflash – it actually could. This unique waste bin, by Eva Solo, makes it so much easier. The secret is in the lid, as it opens from all sides. Its sloping sides make it easy to lift the liner out, replace it and fill it again. It features an ingenious liner holder that simply sinks into place in the trash can.

Want to hear some more? It is available in three sizes, making it an ideal accessory for the kitchen, the office and even the bathroom. No more trash talk, cause this waste bin is smart. Continue reading


Blomus Wires: Keep Things In Order


If there’s anything that can ruin a room’s decor, it is the magazine and newspaper pile discarded in the corner, trying to be invisible with no luck. Blomus brings us Wires – a simple, elegant solution to this never ending pile. Made of durable stainless steel construction with chrome finish, this rack features a compact wire design that would keep your magazines contained, keeping your room tidy and elegant as you want it. Continue reading


Mago Broom: Sweeping Tool


It is important that our cleaning tools will have just as much character and style as any other item we have around the house. The Mago Broom has exactly that – its own character and a special shape. It probably won’t change the way you feel about sweeping, however, it’ll definitely bring in some positive vibe. It is available in 7 different colors that you can mix and match with a selection of spare brushes. To make it even more merrier – colorful wall hooks are also available; this is your sweeping tool. Continue reading


Flo Step Ladder: Step Up


When it comes to step ladders most of the expectations are focused on it to be strong and compact enough for easy storage. With the Flo Step Ladder you’ve got all that and an added bonus in the form of stylish design. The material: frame in anodized aluminum matt natural, steps in standard injection-molded glossy ABS.

It is available in two colors of vibrant orange or classical grey. Whatever it is that you need to do, you can simply spread it open, step up and put it back in again. No hassle, this is a very easy-to–use product that will look good folded or opened thanks to its unique design. Continue reading


Bird Clothes Hangers That Will Chirp You Up


A clothes hanger is a clothes hanger. According to Wikipedia their design was inspired around 1869, they come in three basic styles and are made of metal, wood or plastic. All I can add is that for me hangers may be a functional item for storage and organizing, however their design is not always very inspiring. Luckily for me the designers at MicroWorks Web think differently, they took the humble hanger and gave it a fresh new look. Continue reading


Landa Desktop: Unclutter Your Creative Space


No matter how many systems I have tried to develop in order to keep my workspace clean and organized, I somehow always find myself surrounded by piles of stuff. I have a pile for my bills and my mail, I have a pile for documents I need for work, I have a pile for my sketches and to help save the planet – I also have a pile for recycling. In addition there are the pens, pencils, stapler etc and my good friends “the chachkes” (cute smurf doll, retro ashtray that holds my loose change, tin-toy airplane and an ILOVENY snowball).

Add to these all the cables that I use to connect my devices and you can see why I usually end up working with my laptop on my bed. Continue reading


SweepUp Broom & Dustpan: Don’t Mess Around


Check out SweepUp – a stylishly modern broom and dustpan set from the talented guys at Eva Solo. Made of stainless steel and plastic, the broom has a rounded head, without sharp edges, and strong plastic bristles; the handle of the brush is hollow, making it easier to simply slide it down the dustpan handle for convenient storage. Cleaning up the mess is easy, with its extra long handle of 35.4″ there is no need to bend down to sweep – both practical and sophisticated, this set doesn’t mess around. Continue reading


Kontur Vase: Small Is Beautiful


The Kontur Vase is a unique item, silicone made, which provides a new approach for combining a flower vase and a small storage container for holding various items such as pencils or cotton sticks. This stylish vase is a flexible item, not only because it’s made out of silicone but also because it serves as an alternative to ceramics – giving the vase a soft touch while keeping its unique characteristics in place. It may be small (3”H x 4”W x 5.5”D) but it’s useful as well as beautiful. Continue reading


Keepsake Storage Chests: Holding On To Memories


These beautiful keepsakes storage chests will keep your family’s heirloom and keepsakes for generations to come. The chest interior and trays are lined in plush velveteen; three pull-out trays feature removable tray dividers allowing you to customize the compartment configuration for your own unique items.

Imagine the variety of treasured heirloom, from wedding to baby mementos, that you can store in these elegant chests – dried bouquet, boutonniere, gloves, garter, tiara and engagement ring box from your wedding day or maybe birth announcement, photos, a lock of hair or a delicate christening gown of your children when they were just infants – What a wonderful way to hold on to precious memories and keep what’s really important close and guarded. Continue reading


Magazine Rack Console Table: Store & Display


We’ve all been in this familiar scenario – magazines pile up, we’re trying to place them in some sort of order, but end up with more mess to begin with. I guess we’re not so different from one another, as we’re all trying to rearrange and organize stuff in our lives in order to make them better – whether it’s tough decisions or simple stuff like piles of magazines and books we swore we’ll read as soon as we have some free time on our hands.

Check out this wooden magazine rack console table – In my opinion it’s the perfect storage solution for rearranging your stuff in a decorative style. Continue reading