Faux Bois Table Placemats: Eating Right Off The Table


You have to know how to play your way with table placemats – they could either be a total miss or spot on. With these gorgeous Faux Bois table placemat, from Chilewich, you can be assured you’re spot on!

These place mats bring a naturalistic driftwood effect to your table setting, hence the name faux bois (literally translates to “fake wood”); they are available in three digitally printed, simulated wood grains: Birch, Driftwood, and Walnut. As soon as you touch the material, you know that it’s easy to care for: durable, washable, and usable indoors and out. It’s like you’re eating right off the table. Continue reading


Hot+Fresh: Inside White – Outside Hot


Hot+Fresh is a vibrant, cheerful and happy range of cups – perfect for serving both hot and cold. Inside it is white, outside is any color you want. Designed for both uses, you can mix it up as you please – whether it’s pink or blue, yellow or green. It could serve as the perfect setting for serving ice cream in the summer, or setting up a sweet chocolate souffle finale at the end of a dinner party. Inside it’s white, but outside it’s stylishly hot! Continue reading


Alessi Zucch Sugar Dispenser: Add A “Spoonful Of Sugar” To Your Life


It’s always sweet to find a new way to look at everyday things, and the Zucch Sugar Dispenser from Alessi is certainly original. Alessi have once again managed to turn an ordinary everyday item into a fine beautiful object. This dispenser is both fun and elegant and fits perfectly into any tea (or coffee) ceremony, whether I use my everyday porcelain mugs or my grandmothers’ fine china teacups decorated with gold and roses. Continue reading


Alessi Tripod Trivet: Jack Up The Heat


These four shiny stars connected by an elegant chain is actually a trivet, intended to guard your table from hot dishes. Whenever I want to serve hot food in boiling saucepans or hot oven trays I just grab the chain of stars, which I keep hanging from a hook alongside my other kitchen utensils, and throw it on the table.

It’s fun to see how every time the stars fall in a different shape and I can easily adjust them to accommodate different sized pans. Once the stars are arranged to my liking they form the perfect base on which to place the dish. The stars are each 3.2 cm X 3.2 cm and are made of Chrome plated Zamac. The chain connecting them is 60cm long and they actually look like “table jewelry”. Continue reading


PopMat Paper Placemats: Inspiring Pop Up Design


Table setting is where you can really let your imagination go free. With the PopMat you can let it go wild. Inspired by children’s pop-up books, these recycled paper placemats will add loads of charm to your table setting with a pop-up illustration and a place to write the name of your guests. These paper placements will definitely bring an added value of originality to your table – a decorative item full of inspiring design. Continue reading


Seawalk Salad Servers: Seaside Mix


Setting the dinner table is all about imagination and inspiration. Really, there are no limits, and the Seawalk Salad Servers by Carl Martens is a living proof of that. These unique salad servers are a series of serving platters whose design is derived from the natural forms and structures of waves and sand.

This refreshing and unique interpretation of the beach, brought into your dining table, makes all the difference in the world; a combination between elegance and sophistication and extraordinary thinking outside the box. Your dining table will have an original twist, a hidden secret, a blurry image of peaceful stroll along the beach. Your guests will have a salad with a twist of a seaside mix. Continue reading


Log Bowls: Naturally Vibrant


These stylish log bowls are just perfect for adding a touch of nature and a spot of color without being too overpowering. Usually, whenever I go looking for new dishes I have to decide beforehand what look I’m going for: contemporary or traditional, industrial or natural, mass produced or hand-crafted.

My home-decor style is eclectic because I usually end up buying the things I like more than the things I “need” and most of all I’m not too fond of things that come in “sets”. When I saw these unique serving bowls I knew they were just perfect for me because they combine the natural beauty of trees with the sleekness of perfect color. Continue reading


Underfull Tablecloth: A Hidden Secret


Good entertaining etiquette says that the perfect hostess should always be the first to spill a little something on the tablecloth so that if any of her guests have a “tiny mishap” they will not feel uncomfortable.

Over the years, I have been having friends and family over for many meals but I have never put to practice this rule of perfection, most of all because I like to set and decorate my table with dishes and table-linen I carefully choose. So I am waiting impatiently to use this new tablecloth that promises to improve with every spill and stain. Continue reading


Storage Pods: Sense & Sensibility, Swedish Style


Norm architects have designed these stylish containers for storing, cooking and serving herbs, oils and spices. For practical reasons I prefer using glass containers in the kitchen, they don’t become cloudy like plastic, food stays fresher because they seal tighter and they are much easier to clean. But I also enjoy the aesthetics of glass, while my kitchen is very modern and functional my glass containers add color and sophistication to my shelves. Some are recycled jam-jars with a bluish hue, some are old-fashioned brown medicine jars and some glass containers have a yellowish glint to them. The Norm Pods fit right in, they are sleek and round cylinders with beautiful steel lids. Continue reading


Sushi Shogun-Set Minamoto: Far East Sparkle


Asian food is the kind of food that activates all of your senses; it is a total experience of flavors, colors, smell and special serving style. The Shogun Set Minamoto is a unique collection by Carl Mertens, derived from the word ‘Minamoto’ (Origin, Root), that will allow you to enjoy Asian food to the fullest.

Minamoto consists of different, but matching, design objects that provide everything you need for a traditional Asian meal with a good old fashioned style. If you’re in the mood for Asian food, you might as well set the mood, the right setting and ambiance, and serve it properly with class and style. Anyone who’s been to the Far East would agree that food presentation and aesthetics are a huge part of the culture. That is exactly what differentiates Asian food from all the rest, it simply has that unique Asian sparkle. Continue reading