small house interior fold3 - Small house folding interior

Small house folding interior


Japanese designers Atelier OPA created a unique set of products, which are perfect for small spaces. This foldaway set of furniture includes a mobile home office, a small kitchen and a guest room.

When not in use, fold your furniture away and pack them in their case; an ideal small space storage solution.


What I like about this idea is the fact that the user can easily set-up a private space by folding out the interior. It reminds me of a pop-up book – you never know what’s inside, until you turn the page and everything comes to life.



* More info at kenchikukagu


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17 thoughts on “Small house folding interior

  1. Akshay Jain

    A very nice art and today’s need of the world, I want a franchise at Mumbai in India, please provide details soon.

  2. kairavv nahar

    please send your mail id, contact details, broucher, product detail , website
    interested to import in india


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