tomato onion saver - Fun Storage Containers For Your Fridge

Fun Storage Containers For Your Fridge


When you’re in the kitchen, cooking away, adding some lemon zest to a fresh, vegetable salad, you’re always left with half a lemon, only to be placed in the fridge, waiting for tomorrow’s meal. The Lemon / Lime Saver is a specially designed storage container for just that.

The Lemon / Lime Saver is a dishwasher safe, plastic container which keeps cut lemons and limes fresh and fragrant; it’s also a fun way for serving cut lemons and limes at the table. Made of bright and colorful plastic (yellow or green for you to choose from), the 2 sides attach by an airtight twist lock prolonging the life of your cut citrus.


This fun storage container is also available for cut tomatoes and/or onions. So if you’re cooking a juicy hamburger for example, keep on to those extra onion rings and sliced tomatoes – no onion odor left in the fridge, no stains or spills.


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2 thoughts on “Fun Storage Containers For Your Fridge

  1. tina nieto

    To Whom it May Concern
    My name is Tina and I think you guys should put an advertisment on TV so the public could see it being used. The amount of baggys that would be saved would be in the millions ! Im very serious about this ! And I think I would be very convincing to the public about this, Im a wife and mother of two !! We use onions, peppers and tomatoes every day, so I know how many baggys Ive saved ! Take about it and let me know !! Tina Nieto


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