garlic chopper zoom - GarlicZoom XL: Chop-Chop

GarlicZoom XL: Chop-Chop


Here is another excellent kitchen tool manufactured by the clever designers at Chef’n – dedicated to making life easier in the kitchen. The GarlicZoom XL is definitely proof of this. Most people hate chopping garlic or using a garlic press but with the GarlicZoom XL, all you do is peel the garlic, place the cloves in the zoom, and roll it back and forth as the blades chop. The new large XL model offers many improvements on the previous version and is a pleasure to use.

I recommend this new version of the original GarlicZoom which now has bigger wheels, blades and body. Place several pieces of garlic into the machine and it will mince easier and faster so that you can enjoy fresh chopped garlic without a mess or hassle.


Cleanup is easy, since the chopper is dishwasher safe and much easier to clean because of its new larger size. Inexpensively priced, the GarlicZoom XL makes a great gift idea for any kitchen enthusiast.


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