sad light happylite 5 - HappyLite Sunshine Simulator: Brighten up Your Day

HappyLite Sunshine Simulator: Brighten up Your Day


In some places across the world, at winter time, we don’t get enough sunlight. Moreover, most of us work indoors all day long, where the only light we see is neon lights in our offices – No wonder we feel exhausted and lacking of basic energy. We’re humans, and we need the light of the sun to feel good and function properly.

Research shows that a full spectrum or natural white light is effective in assisting with mood and sleep disorders associated with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or the Winter Blues. Luckily the HappyLight Deluxe energy lamp, from Verilux, can assist us in receiving the sun light our body is craving for, providing us with an entire daily dose of “sunshine” in just 30 minutes to brighten up our day.

The HappyLight Deluxe Sunshine Simulator provides up to 10,000 LUX of natural spectrum daylight, which cues the body’s natural energy enhancers, improving mood, energy levels and creating an overall sense of well-being. It also gently helps the body to recalibrate and stabilize, reducing fatigue and lethargy, improving focus and concentration.


The HappyLight provides the maximum light therapy brightness recommended by the National Institute of Health. It isn’t necessary to sit in front of the unit continuously. You can divide your time into several mini sessions and continue to use the HappyLight daily until you feel an improvement in your mood and activity level.





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