transparent toaster magimix2 - Magimix Vision Toaster: what you see is what you get

Magimix Vision Toaster: what you see is what you get


The most fun thing in toasters yet – watching your bread turn into the perfect toast. I actually never gave a thought to how my toast was made. I stuck two slices of bread in the conventional toaster, pressed the little handle on the side and then waited for them to pop out.

Reaching the exact color I wanted the toast was a matter of trial and error – too light I would put it back in the toaster, too dark would involve either scraping the burned sides with a knife (and lots of nasty crumbs) or throwing them out. And sometimes I would try to see the slices through the heating slots and suffer singed eyelashes or heated cheeks. Then I saw the Magimix Vision toaster.

This see-through toaster is made of stainless steel with double insulated glass sides. It has one parallel slot and you can fit in two slices of bread side by side. It’s built wide enough to easily toast bagels, muffins and long pieces of baguettes.


The temperature is regulated from the front: one button is for regular toast, one is for toasting only on one side, there is a button for reheating and one for defrosting. You can use the knob to regulate the darkness of the toast or manually eject it if you decide it’s reached the desired color.

The glass panels are clear and easy to clean and the toaster stays cool to the touch even after several consecutive toasting sessions. I am happy to make a toast to this transparent toaster – which has taken the guessing out of perfect toasting.


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